On July 13, 1941, about 25 members from Enderly Park Baptist Church organized 'Woodlawn Baptist Sunday School'.  There was not another Baptist Church in the area. They were joined by some members from Southside Baptist Church and services were held in local homes at that time.

In November, Mrs. W. E. Collins donated a one-acre lot for a church building. A one-story, white wood-frame building was built, and 'Woodlawn Missionary Baptist Church' was chartered on January 4, 1942; and the first service in the new building was held on that date. This original piece of land is part of the present site of our church. The first baptismal service was observed on June 28, 1942 with three people being baptized.

New School Building, Late 2015, Woodlawn Baptist Church

Woodlawn Baptist Church, ca. 1968

As the church grew, more Sunday School space was needed. An additional five classrooms were added to the church building and was completed in February, 1943. A basement was dug and the existing building was moved over top of the new basement on March 8, 1945. Growth continued and a concrete block building was built by the men of the church. This building was used to house the Youth Sunday School Department, and is now known as the 'Seniors Building.'

Plans for a church parsonage were presented to the church and accepted on April 9, 1947. In spring 1948, a parsonage was built on Exmore Avenue and was occupied by the pastor and his family.

Our present auditorium building was completed in May 1955.

Soon after, in November 1960, the education building (middle building) was completed and attached to the auditorium building. The preschool and ministerial staff moved their offices into that building.

In the year 1968, Woodlawn Baptist Church membership was up to 937 and Sunday School enrollment was 883.

In 1973, an education-activities building was built that included a gymnasium for team sports. Classrooms in this building were quickly filled with Child Development Center children on weekdays. This building is now known as the CDC Building and is attached to the education building.

Woodlawn's Auditorium/Sanctuary was completely renovated in 1991 with new paint, lighting, carpet, and furniture.

In the 90s, the Senior Citizens of Woodlawn Baptist Church asked to use the block building (previously used for the Youth Sunday School), which needed renovation. They completely refurbished it with a kitchen and bathrooms, and put brick on the outside. It is now known as the Seniors Building and it is maintained by the seniors.

Woodlawn began a Christian School in 1989. A new school building with three classrooms and a set of bathrooms was built in 1996, and is currently used by 'Iglesia Cristiana Alfa y Omega' church, who assisted in its renovation in 2015. The Christian School was closed in the mid-2000s.