Our church is blessed with an amazingly large space. Our main building consists of three interconnected buildings, each built at different times in our history.  Below, you can see an interior map of our buildings. They are color-coded: the Auditorium/Sanctuary Building is shaded in blue (completed in May 1955), the School/Educational Building is in green (completed in November 1960), and the CDC building is in red (completed in 1973). For more information about our church's history, click here.

Our Sunday Morning Worship service takes place in our Auditorium. Wednesday evening Prayer Meeting and Bible Study takes place in our gymnasium. The church office is located in the CDC Building.  The Choir room is in the basement of our Auditorium Building.

We also have an additional Education Building that has been recently renovated that is adjacent to the CDC Building, across the Drive-Through. Our back yard area is also quite large and contains a soccer field and baseball field. We have more space than we can currently occupy. If you are interested in using some of our space, please contact the church office.

Main Level

Main Level, Woodlawn Baptist Church

Second Level

Second/Upper Level, Woodlawn Baptist Church

Basement Level

Basement Level, Woodlawn Baptist Church